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                                              Canine Upper Respiratory Infection


Dear Friends,  


We want you to know we are doing all we can to care for your furry family members. The sanitation and health of your family is of utmost importance to us.  


From here on we will be instituting the following guidelines in order to maintain as close to zero contact as possible: 


1. We will no longer be providing appointment cards. 


2. We will no longer be coming into clients homes. We ask that you have your pet ready and waiting on lead or in a safe area where we can obtain. 


3. If your pet is sick or has come in contact with a potentially sick pet let us know prior to your appointment. 


4. We are asking that whenever possible please provide electronic payment.


You can expect the following from us: 


1. Your pet will immediately be washed prior to any contact with salon equipment with soap and water as outlined by the CDC guidelines for breaking down bacterial and viral cell walls. 


2. All Equipment will be disinfected as outlined by the CDC to destroy bacteria and viruses in between every grooming. 


3. Prior to returning your pet we will have disinfected both our hands and your leash to increasingly limit any incidental exposure to pathogens.


These are stressful times, and circumstances are constantly changing. We will keep you updated as we receive further recommendations. Thank you so much for your help and understanding during these uncertain times. Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep you and your pets healthy and safe. 




The Fashionable Pet Family


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